Teithiau Cerdded Caernarfon

Teithiau cerdded tywysedig o amgylch tref hanesyddol Caernarfon


Adolygiadau gan gwsmeriaid sydd wedi bod ar y daith tref yn ddiweddar:

"Had a great tour around the town and castle with Melissa who was a very friendly and well-informed guide. Would certainly recommend Caernarfon Walks!"


Gary Payton, Norway, October 2022 

"Melissa thank you for a very informative and interesting walk around Caernarfon, hearing facts that you have gained during your studies. Best wishes for the future."


Derek and Linda Faint, August 2022 

"An hour well spent and more than we bargained for. On a windy Saturday morning in February my wife and I joined Melissa for a guided walk around the historic town of Caernarfon. As we wandered along narrow streets we were regaled with stories and information about the history of the area and shown views that we might not otherwise have found. This is an invaluable introduction for visitors and the relaxed and easy paced nature makes it available for anyone. We had the bonus of being informed about an event that evening at the Old Court House which involved a delightful meal with the accompaniment of mellow jazz. Thanks Melissa."


Peter Rawstrone, Lancashire, UK, February 2022

Professor Chad Engbers

"Our group appreciated so many things about this tour. We appreciated the amount of information it included, complete with a book of pictures showing sites in different eras of history, and we appreciated the range of history it covered—from the Romans well through the Middle Ages. What we most liked, however, was the opportunity to get beyond the big castle and walk through the town with a native who had personal history with the place and still lived there. We didn't come just to see a monument to medieval English power; we wanted to get to know Wales, too, past and present. With this tour, we didn't have to choose between academic information and experiential anecdotes: we got it all." 


Professor Chad Engbers, Michigan, USA, February 2022

"We three girls were on a bus trip to Caernarfon with limited time. We thoroughly enjoyed the walk with lovely Melissa, she was informative & friendly, we learnt so much about Caernarfon. We saw places we never knew existed, with the help of Melissa. So if you're in Caernarfon for any length of time, book Melissa @ Caernarfon Walks. You'll be in for a real treat & it's well worth the money. Thank you so much. Diolch yn fawr iawn. Llawer o Gariad. XX" 


Lynda Roberts, Bridgend, South Wales, November 2021

Thanks Melissa for a great tour this morning, we really enjoyed it. Really interesting facts and lovely to see parts of Caernarfon we'd never seen before. It was so nice to be able to bring Alfie our dog along too. He had a lovely walk and especially enjoyed the doggy ice cream he had later from the shop you recommended.”


Tracy & Chris Bunbury, Stockport, England, July 2021

“Thank you for a really interesting and informative tour of Caernarfon which brought out a significant history of Caernarfon that we were previously unaware of. We loved your professional and friendly approach. Good luck with the summer season.”


Margaret and Doug Parker, Cheshire, England, June 2021

“Mae’n hyfryd cael canmol taith Melissa. Wedi 15 mlynedd o arwain pobol o bob rhan o’r byd o amgylch tref hanesyddol a diddorol Caernarfon, mae Melissa yn cynnal y teithiau mewn ffordd sy’n dilyn yr hen drefn! Ewch da chi i glywed yr hanesion lu.
It is with pleasure that I write this review of Melissa’s Town Tour. Please join her and learn about this wonderful town.”


Emrys Llewelyn, 2021

“Enjoyable meander through Caernarfon. Melissa was very knowledgeable about the town and was able to show us perspectives we would otherwise have missed. We covered all the area within the town walls at a leisurely pace, Melissa still works in the town so has up to date knowledge.”


Cillian, Gloucestershire, England, September 2020

“We really enjoyed the tour we had today. The tour was very well prepared and gave a great overview of key historic moments of Caernarfon, taking you through the medieval old town, the Victorian slate industry and the Roman settlements. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and clearly had a passion for the history of her town. Keep up the good work.”


Eleonore Pearson, Bedfordshire, England, August 2020

“Would recommend Melissa’s guided walk to any visitor to Caernarfon! Well paced and informative, Melissa knows her stuff and gives you the background on Caernarfon castle and the town’s quirky places and historical events. Being a local and fluent Welsh speaker it was lovely to hear all the translations and local recommendations.”


Sally Casale, Buckinghamshire, England, August 2020

“A great way to discover Caernarfon with lots of details and little stories. Melissa is very friendly and is happy to answer your questions.”


- Laurène Martin, Paris, February 2020

"Melissa Lambe delivers an excellent tour of the walled city of Caernarfon. Plenty of historical and contemporary information--an excellent adjunct to a Castle tour. Find out why a medieval tower has a television antenna. Bring your questions and learn how the past underlies the present."


- Steve, USA, September 2019

Gwr Julia Terry a Melissa Lambe



"Today we enjoyed a fantastic and very informative guided walk round Caernarfon with Melissa. Her knowledge of local landmarks, buildings and stories really brought the town to life. There was time for photos and questions and the walk was well paced. Highly recommend."


- Julia Terry, August 2019

I archebu'ch lle ar daith gerdded, neu os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau pellach, cysylltwch â Melissa: | 07873 542 878